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Power4You GmbH is a Swiss originated brand. Our main focus as our name says is customer satisfaction. We're offering advanced web services and software development. Swiss precision and reliability are all you can wish for in a development team. Our name is also recognizable by our energy drink dating from 2010.

Our mission is to help young companies to get out there first. Our experienced developers after years of outsourcing are ready for any challenge. It's time to make a difference - to work on bright ideas to change the world, together!

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Why Do Businesses Outsource Their Operations Process?

Outsourcing can help businesses lower labor costs significantly by outsourcing certain tasks. It also helps businesses avoid expenses associated with overhead, equipment, and technology. Companies often employ an outsourcing strategy to focus more on core aspects of the business.

Next big thing

Bring ideas to life.

Got an awesome idea but lacking the goof team to bring it to life? Provide us with a basic idea and we will do business analytics, competition and marketing research, investment plans.


Agile approach

Setup a team dedicated to the idea. We manage the office operations and quality assurance so you can concentrate on the product

Get overcommunicated!

The team reports to you.

You will get daily reports, and critical issues immediately so you can track and decide further steps. You will also have a clear overview of progress and timeline, and the estimation of costs.

Keep on track!

Clear vision

You need to have a clear vision of where you want to arrive. Outsource development work to us, so you can keep the focus on marketing and sales. If unsure, we can provide you with a market analyst to help you extract the most critical points.

Know what you're doing


There are hundreds of technologies and dozens of programming languages out there. We will use the most suitable one's to accomplish the task.

Will it last?

Quality assurance

Quality assessment is indispensable. It saves you from 1001 small and big troubles when the product is launched. We put huge attention to it. We can even educate and dedicate staff and become your support team, as long as project lives.

The problem

Hundreds of fabulous startup ideas going down the drain every day. With lack of luck, money, people, motivation issues most projects die before the first breath. Even successful ones are bought by big companies just to be shut down.

With enough stakes in small projects, we created an environment for our developers to work on great ideas without pressure.

Our vision

To make the place where developers will work to make life better.

We want our clients to become our partners and together to change the world of outsourcing to become a world-improving industry.

Our mission

We are determined to help those in need. To bring your ideas to life. To become next big thing and to use that glory to help more projects succeed.

No magic, just code

It’s a strange time for startups. Developers are seeking careers, everybody wants to work for fortune 500 companies, earn big money, now.

With 95% of startups fail, nobody wants to get "hands dirty" with an awesome idea most likely to fail.

With junior enthusiastic developers, startups are condemned to months of development even for the simplest idea. MVP seems lightyear away, investors getting nervous and the project becomes unsuccessful statistics.

We are willing to analyze and take the risk with you. For any at least solid idea, we are sure we can find a way to bring it to life.


Possible scenarios

I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build Ayn Rand

Some of the cases where we are willing to consider project even it would be declined by most of the outsourcing companies.

Let's conquer the world together!

Just an idea

Still no company or money, but you have an idea that will revolutionize the world. This is a business analyst job, who will research market, setup estimations, and determine next steps.

Give it a shot

Early founders

The market is researched, competition does not exist or its years behind. You got a great idea and almost no money, but you need a demo to approach investors

Proof of concept

Investment on the way

The idea is great, a market is ready, waiting for you, investors are waving with money, you just need working demo to get the funding


Get there first

You already have a company founded, investors are done their job, now you need MVP

Deciding on projects we take

Our business analyst will decide on how we approach each individual project. Depending on potential reach, competition, market research we will take or postpone potential projects.

Regarding project general score we can reach investors, hire additional manpower and engage our marketing partners.

The right tool for the job

We are the swiss knife for the MVP's

As each project is specific, we chose the best and most various combination of tools and techniques to make project usable, expandable and reliable.

Do we really need to mention HTML/CSS here as we are development company? It's somehow obsolete now-days like the driving license is needed for a driver.

Our combined skills

More for the SEO than for bragging.

Programming languages

Almost all major programming languages: Java (Spring, Play, Android SDK's), Python (Flask, Django), PHP (Yii, Laravel, Zend, Symphony), Javascript (NodeJS, AngularJS, React + a bunch of other frameworks), .Net (webforms), ObjectiveC, Swift, Rust, Perl, Lua

As we are not into gaming industry (yet) we mostly utilize react native in order to provide complete support for our services.

Databases and storage

We used most of the relational, non-relational but also bigData ready databases: MySql, MsSql, SQLite, Postgres/Postgis, MongoDB, HBase, Hadoop, Neo4J, Firebase. We also know how to utilize storages as Amazon (S3, Glacier) MS Azure, Google cloud drive, Dropbox when needed

Ancient languages

A bit non-standard things we know: Old database languages like FoxPro, Clipper, Clarion, Desktop programming Delphi, Kylix, Lazarus, Electron, Device programming (IOT, TCP protocols, hardware controlled devices)

Tools and process

We use on daily basis or by client request agile technologies (scrum, lean), quality assurance and testing (selenium, jasmine, xUnit, newRelic), time tracking (various), project management tools (jira, trello, wirk, teamserver), cloud computing (aws, hetzner, linode, digital ocean)

Life after MVP

After successful MVP you can extend our agreement for developing a full product on regular terms.

We provide needed support for all phases in project development. On customer request, we can provide customer support.

Stay in touch. As your company grows, you will get in phase to be able to help or invest in some of our new projects, partners, ideas.

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Strategic partners

We owe a lot to our partners. Over the years we shared knowledge, manpower, ideas, ups and downs, but mostly trust that job get done.


Our base industry is software development and internet marketing.

We are specialized in development Internet services that operated `behind` the screen, software that is more used as back end than front end.


Knowing how to invest your money in advertising can be tricky, and so here at Orior Media we provide you with the advertising and marketing tools that guarantee to attract users who are interested in buying your products/using your services.


EUTelNet is a web agency, founded in 1999, as a web hosting company.

Today, we offer full web service, including web design and development, as well as web hosting and domain name registration.

FajFo design studio

We are one of few design agencies with clients from both worlds: western business driven and eastern calm but colorful.

Best of both worlds have one nice advantage over many: final products are colorful but also sophisticated.


Datazup is a company with enthusiastic engineers who committed to delivering products and services in most challenging space of information world – big data world.


The recipe: A well planned project in beginning is the recipe for perfect execution and desired solution. NGS Software follows a well defined framework to achieve that the end product meets the client requirements and fulfills the business requirements.


ADEDA SOLUTIONS is an offshore outsourcing software development company providing custom software development solutions

Yes, We're hiring

`You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don't have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.` Renee West

Work alone or in an team you seem fit. We have reliable clients, in-house project, 80/20 clause for improvement and equity.


If you consider yourself a developer willing to put hours for innovative projects, and to make difference, apply and become part of the family


Want to dive into variety of user interface and usability? We offer you freedom, to express yourself, to find the best solutions for us, and our clients.


Our teams are ready for any challenge. Feel how its like to answer to almost client/investor question with: YES! We can do it!


Entry job for IT. Learn how it works before learning how to make it. Improve your company by understanding customer issues.

(something like) Q&A

  • We tend to be involved as partners or even investors in almost every project we take
  • We oblige ourselves with contracts, shares, investments and become your reliable allies - that's one more guarantee job will be done
  • We will gladly participate in developing business ideas
  • We do accept shares as payment in projects we take, and we treat them as they're our own, and partly, they are
  • Each project is specific, so our share is calculated regarding project estimations, complexity, urgency and our engagement, and it's well defined in the contracts
  • We accept cryptocurrencies

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